Uncategorized November 15, 2015

This is Gig Harbor



    Close your eyes and picture a place surrounded by water on all sides except to the North, Towering Evergreens everywhere you look, and a Beautiful Harbor with lots of history and character. Two majestic bridges act as your main gateway in and out of this town filled with families of all ages and backgrounds. That picture is Gig Harbor. It is like an oasis that offers you all the amenities of bigger towns but the serenity of being in the country.

    Gig Harbor is about a 60 minute drive North to downtown Seattle, about a 45 minute drive to Seattle Tacoma International Airport, and about a 10 minute drive to Tacoma where you will find great restaurants and other amenities.

   We have the highly rated Peninsula School District and almost any sport/activity you can think of for children and adults. Football, soccer, kayaking, sailing, fishing, hiking and many more.

   I have lived all over the country and find Gig Harbor to be one of the most welcoming places my family has experienced. Many of the people I met grew up in Gig Harbor and if they left it was only to go away to college or for a job and they found themselves drawn back as soon as they were able. 

   If your are looking for somewhere quiet, out of the rat race but not completely off the beaten path, come checkout Gig Harbor. There is something here for everyone.